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KCBC is Cycling Kansas City's race team.  KCBC formed nearly 10 years ago as the racing team under the club which is known today as Cycling Kansas City. CKC has roots dating decades ago and the largest area advocate of cycling.

KCBC focuses on growing/fostering local cycling talent with a passion for racing. We are always looking to help those that are interested in rising through the local ranks, or just getting into racing as a Cat5.

For more information about joining our team, please reach out to Mark Horn on Facebook or email him at 

October 2017 Joules Cross Race

Current Roster 
Mountain Cyclocross Ultra Triathlon/ Duathlon
David Mathews CAT 4 CAT 2 CAT 3 X X
Mark Horn CAT 3 CAT 2 CAT 2 X X
Adam Roeser CAT 4   CAT 3   X
Dan Schaeffer CAT 3 CAT 2 CAT 3    
Laura Steele CAT 4   CAT 4   X
Tyler Steele CAT 4   CAT 3   X
Bret Burgess CAT 4   CAT 4   X
Steve Patracek CAT 5   CAT 4    
Kyle Guinn CAT 3   CAT 3    
Brian Luce CAT 4 X CAT 3    
Kirk Ecton CAT 5   CAT 4   X
Jackson Horn JR   JR   X
Morgan Horn JR   JR    
Mitchell Williams          
Alan Thomas CAT 5   CAT 4    
Steve Janssen CAT 5   CAT 4    
Steve White CAT 5   CAT 5    
Pat Robinson     CAT 5    
Christian Joseph     CAT 5    
Kenny Carlson CAT 2   CAT 2    
 Mike Ivancic CAT 4
CAT 3    

Cyclocross Results

Road Racing Results