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KCBC Roster


Adam RoeserC4 C3XX 
Alyson GreenC3C1C2 XX
Amy CottrellC3     
Armando SanchezC3C3C3X  
Bryan KerlingC4 C5XX 
Chris FormenC5     
Cindy BrackerC3 C3  X
David BartlettC4 C5X X
David MathewsC4C2C3XXX
Fernando AndradeC5   X 
Jamie GalvanC3 C4X  
Jennifer PikoC4  X  
Jill Hamilton-ReevesC5     
John FieldC4 C4X  
Kelly SkinnerC3C2C3   
Ken MartinC5C5C5X  
Kevin TempelC4  X  
Kriston PikoC5  X  
Kurt WilsonC3C3C3X  
Kyle GuinnC3 C3   
Leonardo SimbaquevaC4C4C4X  
Logan BockwinkelC4  X X
Lynn WilsonC2C3C3X X
Mark HornC3C2C2XXX
Melany KalafutC5  X  
Michael MorrissC2C2C2X  
Michelle LingenfelserC4C3C5XXX
Mike HarrisonC4  X  
Pat RobinsonC5C2C4X  
Reg RobertsonC4 C4  X
Robert AvilaC5 C5X  
Russell SchmidtC4 C5X  
Sarah FormenC5   X 
Scott ReedC4C3C5X  
Sergey PyltsovC5  X  
Shawn KnightC3 C4X  
Toni CabezasC4C3C4X  
Tyler SteeleC4 C3XX 
Wesley Wolken   X  

Alyson Green
Alyson began riding mountain bikes in 1994. In 1998, she joined the A&B Cycling Team in Springfield, MO to race mountain bikes. After a couple of years, she hung up the bike to pursue other interests. In 2014, she decided to buy a new road bike. After gaining some fitness, she fell back in love with cycling and started racing road, cyclo-cross and mountain bikes. Alyson uses bike racing to complement her love of running and swimming. She has competed in several triathlons with numerous podium finishes including 13th place at USA Triathlon Nationals in 2017. She has also been a two-time XC Mountain Bike Missouri State Champion. Other racing accomplishments include a few master women's podium spots at the Jingle Cross Festival in Iowa City, IA and several 1st place finishes at local road, cyclo-cross and mountain bike races. Her most memorable experiences on the bike include racing in the mud and sloppy conditions at Jingle Cross and winning Single Speed Kansas City where she received $400 in one-dollar bills! Currently she is striving to become a better road racer and continues to push her limits on the bike.Her day job consists of being a professional dog walker for Wag Inc. Since she loves dogs and being outdoors, this profession is the perfect combination for her. Alyson lives in Lee's Summit and is engaged to her high school sweetheart Danny. Each year, the two of them ride thousands of miles together. For this family, cycling is a passion. They are raising two boys who also race bikes and Alyson has a grown daughter who works in the cycling industry in Springfield, MO.Fun Factoid: Alyson is obsessed with chocolate and eats a lot of it. She is also cold all the time and is often seen wearing inappropriate amounts of clothing including stocking caps. Her nickname is Aly Cat.


Cindy Bracker
Cindy competed in her first USAC event in late 2015, shortly after winning the WFSR-sponsored Octoginta Time Trial, her second cycling road event ever. The next day, she participated in the Lawrence Bicycle Club's 80-mile community ride, adding 20 additional solo miles to complete her first century ride. Shortly after, she joined Free State Racing, which had been the team of her cycling mentor, the late Glenda Taylor.2016 was her first season of racing on the team. She competed at and won many of her races, and within 2 months had acquired enough points to upgrade to Category 3. As a new Cat 3, she won Sunflower State Games Road Race and the State Championship Time Trial, and had high podium finishes at Tour of Lawrence, Truman Cup Omnium and the Kansas State Road Race and as a masters racer, won Tour of Kansas City Omnium.The highlight of her second season was a top-of-podium sweep at the 2017 Truman Cup as well as multiple wins within the Wednesday Night Worlds series, The Sunflower State Games Criterium and in the masters race of the Kansas State Criterium Championship. The next year included more local races and an exciting trip to Gateway Cup which included two finishes in the money (5th place at Tour de Lafayette and 6th at The Hill)In 2019, Bracker, craving a more competitive team of road cyclists, Bracker approached the fiercest female cyclist she knew, Lynn Wilson and discussed making a change. KCBC was clearly the right place to suit her racing preferences and strengths. Although the 2020 year of COVID hasn't allowed Bracker to yet suit up a race in the bold orange KCBC kit, she has enjoyed the camaraderie and training events of the past year and looks forward to the return of road racing.


David Bartlett
David started riding bikes early on but began dedicating more time to cycling when he bought his first road bike at age 15. His first race season was in 2019 and joined KCBC for the following winter and 2020 race season. His primary discipline is road, but he competed in the 2020 Gravel Nationals, and looks forward to the return of cyclocross as well.Off the bike, David is a senior at Oak Park High School, and aspires to study mechanical engineering at the Air Force Academy after high school. He plays baseball, runs cross country, and is involved with his boy scout troop as well. Among other part time jobs, he works at Cycle City as a mechanic and salesman and loves getting the opportunity to help others fall in love with cycling.In his first season of racing, David won the Kansas Cycling Association's award for Best All-around Rider and looks forward to seeing where his cycling future will take him. He is doing all he can to learn from the more experienced members of the team as he works to improve himself as much as possible.Fun fact: David is commonly called 'young whippersnapper' by various members of the team.


David Mathews
Dave brings 200,000 miles cycling experience to the team. He started racing in the mid-1980's. At that time his primary focus was ultra-marathon distance riding, but he mixed in a few road races to maintain conditioning. When his kids got old enough to join, he made a shift to off-road, and regularly raced the local mountain bike circuit between 2000 and 2005. The mountain bike racing naturally spilled over into cyclocross which eventually became his primary discipline. Somewhere along the way he started dabbling in triathlons, and strives to do at least one each year.He has competed in 300 bike races, 40 triathlons, and over 30 cross country ski races. His more noteworthy cycling achievements include: RAGBRAI, solo at 14 years of age (1974); BAM Half Tour- 2nd place, 270 miles in 16.5 hours (1986); Paris-Brest-Paris, 765 miles in 76 hours (2011); Dirty Kanza 200 (2017); and RUSA Ultra Randonneur Award (2019).He is a lifelong bike commuter and a long-time club member, having previously served on the board as both President and Racing Chair. He values long rides with close friends and the camaraderie of riders working together.Dave is a consulting Civil Engineer, and lives in Prairie Village with his wife, Patricia.Fun Factoid: Dave raced against Greg LeMond on mountain bikes in 1991. It is reported that Greg won.


Logan Bockwinkel
Logan started racing in 2018 and became a member of KCBC in January 2020. He earned the KCA 2nd Place Best all Around Racer for Males 15-18 in both 2018 and 2019 advancing to Cat 4 at the end of the 2019 season.Logan enjoys many cycling disciplines including road, gravel and mountain. His true love is long distance road races or rides with hills. He enjoys the teamwork and strategy involved to keep everyone strong and overcome obstacles in a race. He enjoys the physical and health benefits of cycling as well as the community and the friends he has made. Logan's most memorable cycling experience was completing the Hotter than Hell Hundred in 2019 in 5 hours 40 minutes with SAG's which was a 40-minute improvement over his previous attempt. This was accomplished through alternating pulls, optimizing each team members strengths and managing SAG stop times. Logan aspires to continue training and developing his racing skills as well as continue to participate in longer distance rides. He plans to do more mountain biking and bike packing during the warmer months and would like to participate in a variety of events across the country.Logan is working his way through college towards a degree in Construction Management. He lives in Platte City MO with his mom, stepdad and his dog Bartley.Fun Factoid: It is rumored that Logan enjoys taking lunch breaks and selfies with Cows while on gravel rides. He agrees 'Eat Mor Chikin'.


Lynn Wilson, Team Leader
Lynn has been a member of KCBC Racing since 2018. She was asked to start a women's team.Lynn started racing in 2012. She had been a runner prior to cycling and was ready for something new.Her biggest accomplishment is also combined with her most memorable race, the 2019 Masters National race in Colorado Springs. Lynn placed 2nd in her group. She remembers it as an amazing weekend with special teammates. Fun Factoid: Lynn placed 2nd in a men's 1,2,3 crit. With help from her husband and teammates.


Mark Horn, Team Director
Mark has been a member of KCBC Racing since 2008 when he joined the team to race cyclocross during the triathlon off-season. That foray into bike racing soon became his passion and has expanded every cycling discipline aside from BMX.
Mark uses racing as a motivator to improve his fitness and abilities, and to support teammates and friends. He believes that the Team is stronger than the individual, and the individual is stronger within the Team.
Mark is a trained bicycle mechanic and bike nerd. If he is not riding his bike, he's tinkering on bikes, or talking with people about bikes. He works with BikeWalkKC teaching youth and adults bicycle safety and bicycle maintenance. He loves sharing his passion with people.
Mark is a self-employed entrepreneur. His lives in Mission, KS with his wife Beth and his two children.
Fun Factoid: Mark has won a few races with fields of 1. But a win is a win. You don't make the shots you don' take.


Michelle Lingenfelser
Michelle joined KCBC Racing for her first-ever race season of cycling in 2018, after participating in Cycling Kansas City's Group A+ Ride Program; a program designed to teach cyclists how to race. Today, she races Category 4 in Time Trial, Criterium, and Road Racing. She also races in mountain biking and gravel events.Michelle is a lifelong athlete; a child gymnast, turned ultrarunner, turned triathlete. In 2013, she raced in her first triathlon, which has now become her primary discipline. In 2016, Michelle earned a slot on Team USA Triathlon and has continued to earn a position every year since. She has raced in the ITU World Championships in Rotterdam, Netherlands (2017); Gold Coast, Australia (2018); Lausanne, Switzerland (2019); and will race again in Bermuda, October 2021. To date, Michelle has also raced in five full Ironman races, and six half-Iron distances. She has run three ultramarathons: two 50-Ks and one 50-Mile.Michelle continues to race in cycling, as well as triathlon. She was recognized by the Kansas Cycling Association as the highest achieving Category 5 cyclist in Kansas in 2018, and the top finisher in Category 4 in 2019. Also in 2019, Michelle finished fifth at the USAC Master's Road Race Championships in Colorado Springs in the time trial event, behind several former professional cyclists and the current world record holder for indoor track racing. Michelle won the Collegiate Division at 2020's Gravel Grinder National Championship, a 110-mile gravel race held in Lawrence, Kansas.Michelle's interest and involvement in cycling has continued to grow. She became a Board Member of Cycling Kansas City in 2019 and was re-elected for a two-year term in 2020. She also earned her USAC Level II Cycling Coach Certification in 2019. As a representative of Cycling Kansas City, she is spearheading the first-ever adaptive cycling program in the Midwest region in conjunction with Midwest Adaptive Sports and the Wounded Warrior Project with a projected start date Summer, 2021.


Reg Robertson
Reg started out running. He joined the Olathe Running Club and somehow eventually ended up President. It was there that he got acquainted with triathletes and cyclists. He gave both a try. Worked his way up to Half Max Iron Man but found triathlons seemed to require more time training than was practical for him. From there he started cycling and doing cycling events. Cyclists seemed to be more social and have more fun after events so that is where he gravitated to. GTG started a race team so he thought what the heck, and joined. From there was recruited to Big D, a good team with experienced older racers. He thought he could learn something from them. He got acquainted with Mike Harrison and Mark Horn. He was impressed with their friendly, positive attitude and knowledge so he joined KCBC Racing.A big goal is to stay healthy and thought racing would motivate him to follow a healthy lifestyle and be fun. To be competitive racing bikes you have to optimize all the habits that contribute to good health; training both endurance and high intensity intervals, strength training, getting plenty of sleep & rest, eating healthy, watching your weight, drinking in moderation, etc.Cyclocross is his favorite discipline because of the challenges, both aerobic and the riding skills to navigate the course. When you fall it is on grass and that beats asphalt! What he likes best about cycling is that it has allowed him the opportunity to get acquainted with many great people and meet some super friends.He is happily married to Rose. She allows him the freedom to spend a lot of time on the bike. He has a son who is in the tech Industry in Austin, TX and a daughter who owns a Salon in Leavenworth. Reg has owned a landscape maintenance company for 40 years, Custom Lawn & Landscape, Inc. He is hoping to retire soon.Fun factoid: Reg is a Zwift fanatic. He does all his intervals on the trainer with Zwift.